Why Concord?

October 17, 2018

Thinking of moving to Concord, CA?  Located about 30 miles east of San Francisco with easy access to

Napa Valley, Silicon Valley, Sacramento, and the greater East Bay.

Mt. Diablo

Towering 3,849 feet above California, Mount Diablo brings hikers, bikers, and campers from all over to its

20,000-acre state park. Over 400 plant and animal species live amongst the park’s multifarious terrain,

drawing visitors to experience a diverse natural habitat and incredible panoramic views.

Concord Pavilion

Concord is home to one of California’s premier venues, Concord Pavilion. Each Spring through Fall, this is

where music and comedy fans step out to see their favorite performers take center stage.

Hurricane Harbor

Northern California’s biggest and most thrilling waterpark is now open! The former Waterworld Concord

has been transformed to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord!

Hidden Gems

Concord has many hidden gems that even long-time residents are pleased to discover. Each location offers

its own unique experience whether it’s dining, nature or history – there is something for everyone!