Exterior Maintenance

January 03, 2019

Laurel Ranch - Phase 2

Your home’s exterior maintenance needs may feel overwhelming. But with a little bit of knowledge and a plan, you’ll find that it’s very manageable. And the reward of having a home that still looks like new, maintains its value, and has plenty of curb appeal makes it all worth it.

Trim Trees and Plants

Keep trees and other plantings trimmed to prevent them from impacting or brushing the wall finish during windy periods, as well as to allow proper ventilation and drying of walls near plantings.

Maintain Proper Drainage

Make sure gutters and downspouts are clear and ground surfaces are properly sloped to keep water moving away from the base of the foundation. Prevent splashing from roof runoff that can stain and deteriorate wall finishes. Soil buildup or erosion around the house can affect the drainage characteristics and contribute to the deterioration of the walls.

Keep the Walls Clean

Keep walls and ledges clear of dust and debris build-up, which can stain exterior finishes. Particularly on consistently shaded surfaces, dirt and moisture can cause mildew growth and harm the finish.

Keep an Eye on Water

Your home has been designed and built to withstand normal weather; however, keep concentrated water such as roof-edge drainage from dripping or flowing onto walls and ledges. This will help prevent leaks, finish deterioration, and staining from dirt that is carried down with roof runoff. Take care to prevent irrigation overspray from spraying onto your home. 

Clean Gently

Use mild household cleaners on your doors and never use abrasive chemicals on the doors or hardware. Consult a professional for specific products and applications to help extend the life of your door.

exterior doors

Check doors during major storms or windy conditions to gauge the performance and condition of weatherstripping, thresholds, and adjoining sealants. Make adjustments or repairs as necessary. Annually examine the sealants located between the door frame and wall finishes and repair or replace when needed.


Door thresholds are located at the bottom of the door and are designed to close the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor construction. Inspect regularly for water intrusion and ensure that the threshold is continuous and securely attached.


Garage doors are important for the security of your home, so keep them in good working condition. As with all of the products installed in your home, become familiar with the manufacturer’s recommendations for using and caring for the door and opener.